AQARY360.COM - The first virtual exhibition of real estate

AQARY360.COM ​​is the first virtual real estate exhibition in the Middle East that supports virtual reality technology, enables you to share a complete picture of all its aspects and move within the image freely to review all the details of the real estate unit.The program used by members allows members to log in and create accounts for managers and enables individuals to publish new content for real estate units. It also allows the administration to review applications and new publications.The site contains a news section and articles dedicated to the usual presentation of articles similar to personal blogs.And it contains specialized departments such as the smart homes section, which is a separate program connected to a number of intermediary companies that provide service to customers directly and to monitor the management of a real estate site. In cooperation with the service provider, which is the website (website + smart app) website is a shopping cart to sell home and commercial air conditioning through a professional online sale platform. The site works to provide some additional tools, such as determining the appropriate air conditioning for the room automatically, you have to enter the room sizes and some other distinctive services.The site displays products in the (marketing cart) system and provides many possibilities such as returning products and sales reports and specifying discounts and special offers through credit cards and pre-discount cards as well as PAYPAL and other services for payment, in addition to the ability to activate shipping servicessmartphones App:Shopping cart to view adaptationsThe technicians management program, which you can as a technician register your name and receive free business through clientsFree tools for calculating the appropriate air conditioning for the room, weather information and services from other services available through the Google Play Store through the following link

International Company Electromic & Electrical Systems

Programming and designing a website International Company for Electronic and Electrical Systems. a leading Egyptian company in the field of laying power lines.medium and low pressure and developing water networks.which has implemented a number of major projects in multiple regions in North.Central and South Sinai and is considered one of the pioneering companies in developing the infrastructure in Egypt and establishing More developed societies other than the company\'s services in fire protection and industrial security systems and surveillance systems.

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