Marketing and content industry

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Services available through the team

Marketing consulting

We are here to help you, even if we did not work together before, we offer you help in studying the position of your business, analyzing the market and competitors, and analyzing opportunities for expansion and expansion through:

  • Analyze your business
  • Market analysis and market shares
  • Competitors analysis and report on points of excellence
  • Preparing a development plan for services and products
  • Preparing a report on the available advertising and marketing opportunities

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Advertising campaigns

A team specialized in helping you to create an advertising campaign from implementation to analyzing the results

  • Study the market and competitors
  • Study marketing opportunities and prepare the advertising plan
  • Design and photograph advertising content
  • Scheduling posts and managing social media pages
  • Publish ads in the appropriate channels

Imaging and live broadcast services

Through a variety of equipment, the team provides photography and live broadcasting services

  • Shoot HD video at the highest quality
  • Photography in high quality
  • Product photography and display interfaces
  • Shoot 360-degree photos and 180-degree panorama
  • 360 degree video shooting and virtual reality display
  • Live broadcasting services, first presentation and publication via social media
  • Post and display videos and photos in virtual reality

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Design services

A dedicated and professional team that designed thousands of creative designs ready to help you

  • Designing visual identity for commercial projects
  • Web design and landing pages
  • Advertising design and social media posts
  • Designing smart phone applications
  • Designing book covers, e-books and printed books (PDF)
  • Designing presentations for companies, projects and commercial reports (Powerpoint)

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Video, production and motion graphics

The team is ready to carry out your business video from explanation or advertisement or introductory video of the company or product

Motion graphics

Montage services

Introductory video

Virtual reality photography

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Now, create a new branch for your online business, operating around the clock without stopping away from the ban or quarantine problems with international specifications, accuracy and safety. Request the service now and get a free consultation from the technical support team before implementation

The e-commerce package provides you with many different options from the shopping cart program, the application for shopping for smart phones, marketing and administrative consultations, and training your team on using the program and managing the shopping basket professionally.

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