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Point of Sale

Get a smartphone app that serves your service or business activity

Point of Sale unit

Smartphone sale

Through advanced sales systems, you can rely on direct selling devices or computers and bar code copies units to complete the sale. Our systems work with all computers and all scanner or printers devices. In addition, it provides you with applications for smart phones through which you can transfer your phone or the phone of any employee to Selling unit to create bills and complete the sale with ease. Just open the mobile, download the application and start selling through your account

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Now, create a new branch for your online business, operating around the clock without stopping away from the ban or quarantine problems with international specifications, accuracy and safety. Request the service now and get a free consultation from the technical support team before implementation

The e-commerce package provides you with many different options from the shopping cart program, the application for shopping for smart phones, marketing and administrative consultations, and training your team on using the program and managing the shopping basket professionally.

Customer relationship Soon..

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an approach to manage a company's interaction with existing and future customers. This approach analyzes customer history data with the company in order to improve the best business relationships with clients, with a particular focus on customer retention, in order to drive sales growth.
Therefore, we provide you with the CRM program with very special features that are light and easy to use and support the development and addition of software accessories that suit your distinguished business.

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