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Services available through the team

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Email marketing

To communicate with your customers or send billing information, newsletters and legitimate advertising campaigns to your customers

  • Send invoices and periodic payment information month, daily, or weekly
  • Send periodic newsletters to blogs and news sites
  • Send advertising campaigns and re-attract former clients

SMS message

One of the best ways to communicate with customers and convert potential customers into an actual customer is through personal means and to communicate directly via the customer's phone through SMS

  • Subscription confirmation messages for applications
  • Alert messages for former clients
  • Messages to target new customers through geographic regions
  • Newsletters or information
  • SMS rates start from 20 piasters per message
  • Actual delivery of messages and help in writing letters more effectively
  • Advertising campaigns are easy to use and simple graphic destination

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To reach your customers through WhatsApp, your business gives more friendliness and spontaneity between your products and the customer, which has a positive impact on customers greatly, especially in the purchase decision, so we provide you with customer service through a number of distinct channels

  • Send messages to work via WhatsApp
  • Programs to send messages easy and Ouzo simple graphic destination

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